Saturday, 11 February 2012

Curious new word: Modellisation (Modelization)

I came across, what I thought was a strange new word: modellisation (AmE, modelization)

The word appeared in a BBC News article, and was used by one of the programme managers of the European space agency, saying: "Of course, we understand more about [the way rockets perform today] - we have more modellisation capability, computers, etc, ...". As far as I can discern, modellisation is being used where we would more commonly use the word modelling (AmE, modeling)

The word modellisation has certainly not made it into the statistics and machine learning literature. A quick trawl through the Oxford dictionary (OED), Fowler, and the British national corpus (BNC) didn't come up with anything. But there is one entry in the corpus of contemporary American English (COCA) for a paper in the journal of sports behaviour entitled, 'Modelization of table tennis exchanges'. Another similar paper title (found using Google) is, 'Modellisation of the car design process'.

Modellisation is the French word for modelling, and this might explain its appearance and usage. But for now, I don't suspect we will be making much use of it. Another curious word (but this is in the OED), modellising (AmE, modelizing) ... .

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